Complete demining suit


Fragment proof overall

Improved ballistic vest

Detachable sleeves

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This suit is designed for deminers and specialists in the armed forces and the police who search and locate mines and explosives.

The suit consists of a fragment proof overall, an improved ballistic vest, detachable sleeves and foot protections. It is light weight and allows good mobility, which is essential when searching mines in difficult locations.

The suit protects the torso, the neck area, the arms, the abdomen and groin area, the legs and the feet against fragments, heat and pressure shock.

The tactical vest can also be worn separately, in other assignments.
Two insert plates can be supplied as an option, for the protection of the torso and groin.


Protection against fragments
STANAG 2920 1,1g min. V50 m/s
Vest : 450 m/s
Throat, shoulders : 600 m/s
Pants : 600 m/s
Sleeves : 600 m/s
Feet : 600 m/s
Optional insert plates : 1200 m/s)
Cover :Antistatic NOMEX®
Lining : 3D Mesh
Sizes : M, XL
Vest : 4,4 kg
Pants : 6,5 kg
Sleeves : 2,5 kg
Foot protections : 1,3 kg
Insert plates : 2,5 kg