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  • The cloverleaf handheld detector applies the EB damping system. The search coil is part of an oscillator circuit, which transmits a weak, alternating, electromagnetic field.

  • • Robust metal design • Simple to operate, easy to handle • High detection sensivity • Automatic calibration • Loud audio signal • LED indication for control functions • Vibration alarm NSN 6695-12-319-1068

  • The SC 900 is a simple to operate microprocessor based digitally controlled, pulse induction walk through metal detector using VLF Technology. The electronics is microprocessor based and digitally controlled to provide a sensitive metal detection and discrimination.

  • The EFIS® inspection mirrors were designed to support a fast inspection of vehicles and parts of buildings which are difficult to access. There are various fields of application: vehicle undersides, baggage racks, areas over or under furniture, hollows and space in between as well as difficult to access building parts can be inspected rapidly. NSN...

  • The wheeled search and inspection mirror EFIS® 4 is an efficient and simple to use tool for a fast inspection of vehicles. NSN 5120-12-368-3342

  • The letterbomb detector MAILEX 10 was designed for checking suspicious mail like letters and small parcels. It is designed as a chute and a built-in electronics which is very easy to operate. The device detects all kind of metal and alloys, and even very small components of improvised bombs or incendiary devices. Alarm is given as audio and optic alarm....

  • The EFIS®5 videoscope completes the EBINGER range of viewing tools. Different to the optic mirrors, EFIS®5 applies a miniature CCD camera and a colour monitor. Due to the small size of the video head and the wide extension of the telescopic handle (extendable up to 3m) even very difficult to access areas can be inspected easily. NSN 5836-12-370-5030

  • The Guardian-200 Biometric Jump Kit is a compact, highly mobile solution for capturing and transmitting forensic-grade fingerprints, iris images, photographs and demographic data for your management needs identities.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items