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  • Handy and sturdy design High detection sensitivity High electrical stability Effective ground compensation (GEB)

  • The EBEX 422 GC can be used on non cooperative ground where other technology may fail. The index GC stands for “Ground Compensation” which refers to the rejection of interference from volcanic soil or laterit. This equipment is therefore suitable for use throughout the world.

  • The TREX® 204 M is a modern variant of the EBINGER „hockey stick probe“ that was first put to use for the detection of explosive ordnance 40 years ago. The new and further developed probe concept of the TREX® 204 M permits a pinpoint location of metal objects which are concealed in stony terrain that is difficult to access, in furrows and trenches,...

  • UPEX® 725 D is the latest EBINGER design for UXO detection under difficult conditions such as ground mineralization and scrap. In addition to the simplicity in operation the UPEX® 725 D has the advantage that it can be programmed to fade out interfering signals from non-cooperative soil, magnetic rocks and small pieces of scrap metal.

  • The UPEX 740 M large loop technology enables low skilled personnel to locate air delivered ordnance buried at depth. It is introduced into battle area clearance where large areas have to be inspected and cleared of munitions in short time. It is ideal for road clearance of UXO and A/T mine traps.

  • More powerful, with more performing tracks, the DIGGER D-250 is based on the experience gained over three generations of previous machines. It is the result of ten years of field feedbacks integration giving high efficiency even under extreme environmental conditions. Relatively small in size in regards of its high power, it fits in a 20 feet ISO shipping...

  • This fragment proof protective vest is designed for mine clearance operations in hot and humid climates.

  • This suit is designed for deminers and specialists in the armed forces and the police who search and locate mines and explosives.

  • The HFS SERIES III is our workhorse in the EOD/IEDD suit range; it combines an ergonomic design while still providing the user with the best possible protection. The SERIES III is considered to be light and comfortable, providing a high degree ofmobility. The suit comprises of:TrousersSmock (jacket)Integrated Groin ProtectorHand protectors and...

  • The HFS Series3+ EOD/IEDD Suit is the next generation in bomb suit development. Essentially an upgrade on the HFS Series3, with the core focus on improving the critical systems whilst still using the original solid HFS Series 3 platform. We have also addressed the requirements in the NIJ 0117.01 Bomb Suit Standard including the Blast and Fragmentation...

  • The composite Combat Helmet is designed to give the best possible ballistic protection for the user, against various projectiles in various combat situations. Compared to a standard steel helmet, the composite Combat Helmet gives a much higher level of protection against fragments and bullets.

  • This lightweight and durable polycarbonate visor provides effective facial protection against fragments and other flying debris resulting of plastic anti-personnel mines explosion. It is fitted on a half-helmet which can be adjusted in depth, width, and inclination of the visor.

  • The ABL 7000 Bomb Suit is a complete EOD protective garment comprising: • Helmet with comfort liner, visor, light and adjustable demister, battery pack and integrated communications microphone and ear pieces • Jacket with sleeves, collar and hand protective mittens • Trousers with over boots • Three part blast plates

  • The pneumatic shoes were designed for the protection against antipersonnel mines. This particular type of mine is designed to explode when the pressure exerted upon it is above a threshold in the range of 0,1 to 0,2 daN / cm². This threshold is lower than the pressure on the ground exerted by an average adult walking across a mine field.

  • The main function of mine sweeping shield is to improve user’s protection against fragments moving on high speed in various mine sweeping assignments. Shield’s structure is based on high performance material that has good kinetic energy absorption properties combined in light weight. Shield can be used by two persons at the same time if necessary.

  • This lightweight system has been developed for protection of vehicles against anti-personnel mines during humanitarian missions. In this new system the following criteria have been given highest priority : • High degree of protection – V50 > 600 m/s for 1,1 g. FSP according to STANAG 2920. • Low weight. • Swift and easy mounting. • No modification of...

  • The Rapid Armor Shelter System (international patent pending) is a new, innovative ballistic protection system. This military certified lightweight fortification wall system is ideal for fast moving troops. Fortification walls can be built and dismantled in a few minutes allowing troops to be protected even during short stops or operations.

  • The mine probe, non-magnetic NMP-95 is designed for use in manually locating mines, buried at depths of up to 250 mm. The mine probe is lightweight, robust and easy to assemble. It consists of three main components : handle, extension tube, probe. 

  • These mine signs are available in different languages (English, French, Yugoslavian, Cambodian, Portuguese…), shapes and sizes.

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