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  • Robust builtLightweightPrecise locationHigh sensitivityLow power consumptionUp to 80 h operating time with lithium batteryDynamic / static detection modesData outputAdvantageous price / performance ration

  • The MAGNEX 120 LW is used to locate ferromagnetic objects buried underground. UXO and pipes are typical search objects for the Magnetic Anomaly Detector, which is preferably used in the field of post-conflict battle area clearance. Large ferrous objects can be located as far as up 6 m buried underground. The ergonomic well balanced design ensure an easy...

  • The brand new MAGNEX® 120 L-2 locator is used in geophysical surveys and applied for the detection of magnetic anomalies such as caused by ferromagnetic objects buried underground. The locating of UXO, pipes or concealed weapon caches are typical tasks for this detector. The light weight, the ergonomics and the well outbalanced design of the MAGNEX® 120...

  • Robust and handy Lightweight Simple to use Audio coding of field polarity Dynamic / static detection steps

  • The PIDD 2 system has been especially developed by EBINGER for UXO detection. It suppresses within wide limits not only ground magnetic interfering effects but also metal fragments to a pre-programmable size. The user can adjust the small objects’ suppression by using the delay switch.

  • The MagWalk is an ultra lightweight portable magnetometer survey kit to be carried by one person by holding it transversely, longitudinal or upright aside the body. • 3-axis probe • Integrated GPS  • Weight : 1,6 kg

  • New light weight Lithium Ion battery technologyOne man operationFrom 3- to 5-channel expandableFlexible probe distance (variable track width)Probe height adjustable over groundRugged design, for use in difficult terrainVarious wheelsExpendable with GPS systemErgonomic, lightweight design

  • The MX-PDA system is a measurement data recording system which applies in the detection of magnetic anomalies underground. It is intended for the detection and location of all ferromagnetic objects buried underground, and especially ammunitions on battlefield areas. The D-GPS device, connected to the MX-PDA, allows real time GPS positioning of the...

  • The MAGNETO® MX V3 is a large area magnetometer survey system. It can host up to 16 fluxgate gradiometers on a trailer having a width of 3.85m. This allows a rapid non-invasive cartography on land in order to search for UXO or archaeological structures as well as doing large scale soil evaluations.

  • The MagDrone R4 is an ultra light weight magnetometer survey kit with 5 triaxial Fluxgates to be attached to any UAV with a 1,500 g payload. • 3-axis probes • Integrated GPS • Weight : 1.5 kg

  • The UPEX 740 M large loop technology enables low skilled personnel to locate air delivered ordnance buried at depth. It is introduced into battle area clearance where large areas have to be inspected and cleared of munitions in short time. It is ideal for road clearance of UXO and A/T mine traps.

  • 3 sensitivity levels 10 sampling delay levels Analogue output Reduced in-motion noise Visual / acoustic signal

  • The new UPEX® 745 P2I system offers substantial advantages in subsurface search due to its flexibility and the wide choice of transmitter and receiver components. The UPEX® 745 P2I can be optimized for different tasks and operations. It suits for standard on surface usage as well as for borehole inspection.

  • The UPEX® 745 DF is a deep active search system, based on the electromagnetic pulse induction principle designed and produced in Germany. The system is used to detect ferromagnetic and non-ferrous metal objects, primarily in unexploded ordnance clearance and subsurface geophysical surveys.

  • The EBEX 410 equipment permits a particularly versatile range of applications, since the various equipment components make more than 50 individual combinations possible. It is particularly suitable for crime-related investigation purpose as well as for precise, sophisticated detection work. The EBEX 410 indicates all metals by an audible signal.

  • • Universal electronic to be used with various probes • PDA for project planning, surveying and data export • 24 Bit digitization • 200 Hz data acquisition • Wireless connection between borehole box and PDA • To be used with cable lengths from 5 to 150m • Connection of cable length counter via integrated extension port

Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items