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  • IP67 and glass-free3 mm bottom and side borderLightest weightAED mode with no on-site connection neededFlat panel 28 x 28 cm

  • IP673 mm Bottom BorderHigh Resolution and Sensitivity, 140 μm Pixel Size, 3.5 lp/mmGlass-Free33 x 33 cm

  • IP673 mm Bottom BorderHigh Resolution and Sensitivity, 140 μm Pixel Size, 3.5 lp/mmGlass-Free40 x 46 cm

  • The STRÁTOS is a rugged multi-application imager built with advanced CR technology.

  • Pulsed x-ray generator compatible with our Vision-X x-ray systems. NSN 6665-99-812-2016

  • Pulsed x-ray generator compatible with our Vision-X x-ray systems. NSN 6665-99-957-7009

  • Pulsed x-ray generator compatible with our Vision-X x-ray systems. NSN 6635-99-841-0161

  • The HFS SERIES III is our workhorse in the EOD/IEDD suit range; it combines an ergonomic design while still providing the user with the best possible protection. The SERIES III is considered to be light and comfortable, providing a high degree ofmobility. The suit comprises of:TrousersSmock (jacket)Integrated Groin ProtectorHand protectors and...

  • The HFS Series3+ EOD/IEDD Suit is the next generation in bomb suit development. Essentially an upgrade on the HFS Series3, with the core focus on improving the critical systems whilst still using the original solid HFS Series 3 platform. We have also addressed the requirements in the NIJ 0117.01 Bomb Suit Standard including the Blast and Fragmentation...

  • Active / passive detection mode Simple operation High sensitivity Finds wires and active transmitters Good pinpointing

  • The electronic stethoscope EBEX 2001 C/K is designed to monitor air delivered ordnance during render safe procedures and to search for IEDs. It allows the detection of timing devices, from close to several meters, depending on the position and local conditions. The EBEX 2001 C/K consists of : a very sensitive impact sound sensor, a high frequency search...

  • The ELITE® explosives detection and identification kits are simple, reliable, robust and unique in their detection and identification of commercial, military and home-made explosives. Currently the ELITE® is used by forensics specialists in post-blast investigations, law enforcement and military groups in attack-the-network operations, and by security...

  • The E.L.I.T.E. ™ Model EL100 Explosives Detection Kit takes reliable explosives detection to the next level. The EL100 exceeds existing kits in: 1) Detection Capability: detects 50% more types of explosives 2) Sensitivity: is up to 10000% more sensitive 3) Reliability: has at least twice the shelf life of many existing kits 4) Ease of Use: there are no...

  • Individual disposable testers that identify visible amounts of unknown substances. The IDEX™ Series are designed to identify visible amounts of explosives through a color change on a sampler tip - detecting/identifying bulk explosives rather than trace amounts of explosives.

  • The non linear junction detector ST-401 is intended to detect and locate :• eavesdropping electronics• IEDs• mobile phones and SIM cards• any other devices utilising semiconductor technology.

  • The VTec X videoscope from KARL STORZ NDTec has been designed to meet the specific demands of rugged industrial use. Razor-sharp images, easy handling, mobility and an unbeatable price-equipment ratio make the VTec X an all-rounder for  multiple inspections. Included accessories :• Transportation case• Battery charger• Li-ion rechargeable batteries...

  • Pocket-sized identifier of : • Narcotics • Explosives • Toxic chemicals

Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items