Wire detector EBEX 420 DR


Active / passive detection mode
Simple operation
High sensitivity Finds wires and active transmitters
Good pinpointing

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The hand held electronic EBEX® 420 DR wire locator is a battery-operated device for locating camouflaged or nearsurface buried wires of booby traps. It works as a high frequency receiver which detects HF radio frequency signals surrounding wires and pipes concealed at shallow depth in the ground. The locator itself operates on a passive operation principle.

In areas where the ambient HF level is low or nil and where cables and wires cannot develop a sufficient signal strength for the locator, the nature of this operation principle allows to use the detector in combination with a signal generator which increases or creates the ambient HF. This signal generator is provided by the mobile transmitter module 420TXV5.

The EBEX® 420 DR wire locator consists in a foldable search head with two-parts telescopic handle, the electronic box with connection sockets for battery pack and loudspeaker, adjustable arm rest and hand grip with operation and indication elements. The 420TXV5 transmitter module consists in a transmitter coil, a battery compartment, and a short pole.

The EBEX® 420 DR locator is a patent protected differential high frequency system, which detects the secondary background radiation of oscillating wires and converts this information into an audio alarm. It is in the nature of the operation principle that wires of fairly short length can be detected as long as their frequency range falls within the spectrum of the locator.

The EBEX® 420DR operates on a completely static basis. Therefore, no relative movement of the search coil over the wire is required. The locator will give a clear detection signal (incl. LED) when the search head center bar is held parallel over the wire.


Batteries :
Detector : Rechargeable battery pack Li-Ion type, 11.1V 4400 mAh (including battery charger) or 1x 9 Volt E-Block IEC 6LR 61
Transmitter : 1x 9 Volt E-Block IEC 6LR 61
Operating time :
Detector : approx. 100 h (Li-Ion pack) at +20°C
Transmitter : approx. 20 h at +20°C
Temperature range : approx. –25 to +55 °C
Dimensions :
Detector length : extended 1430 mm
Detector search head : 200 mm diameter
Transmitter search head : 260 x 260 mm
Military hard case : 860 x 550 x 180mm
Weight :
Detector : approx. 2,5 kg
Complete in transit case : approx. 9,7 kg