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The STRÁTOS is a rugged multi-application imager built with advanced CR technology.

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The STRÁTOS is a rugged multi-application imager built with advanced CR technology. The STRÁTOS with True Flat Scan Path (TFSP) is the perfect solution for evaluation of unknown, sensitive, or potentially explosive items needing evaluation. The STRÁTOS is easy to load and unload using either ridged cassettes or flexible plate readers. The STRÁTOS has a reliable, simple drive mechanism and an in-line, solid state LED eraser. The patented TFSP technology keeps image plates from bending, therefore prolonging the life of the image plates.

The scanner outputs 16-bit grayscale resolution (65,536 levels of gray) providing a high level of contrast. The software-driven settings make it easy to manage different materials and jobs by quickly optimizing exposure times and cycle times. The STRÁTOS delivers high quality, high-resolution results at an affordable price.

The versatile STRÁTOS allows users choice of either rigid cassette or flexible imaging plates. This scanner has potentially unlimited settings for a variety of applications or techniques. Using the patented TFSP technology, image plates do not bend, meaning the quality images do not degrade over time. And the in-line, solid state eraser provides effortless plate cleaning. The contact free scanning method protects the image plates and scanner against damage from dust or debris during processing. The userfriendly STRÁTOS delivers years of low maintenance functionality.

Designed with a sturdy frame and minimal fragile parts allows the STRÁTOS to be used in any lab or onsite facility. Certified with drop and vibration testing the STRÁTOS is rugged and dependable. The True Flat Scan Path technology guarantees that the plates do not bend, and that the quality of the images does not degrade. The phosphor screen never leaves its protective cassette, preserving the image quality and preventing any damage during image acquisition.


Height : 7.3” - 18.5 cm
Width : 17.9” - 45.4 cm
Length : 30.7” - 77.9 cm
Weight : 47 lb - 21.3 kg
Voltage : 110-240 AC
Image Plate Sizes : 14” x 17”, 10” x 12”
                                35 x 43 cm, 25 x 30 cm
Interface : USB 2.0
Pixel Pitch :100 μm
Scanning Process : True Flat Scan Path Magnetic Drive Belt
Grayscale Resolution : 16 bits/pixel source file 65,536 shades of gray
Throughput : 46 IP plates per hour
Operating ConditionsTemperature : 0 to 40C/32 to 105F
Temperature Change : 0.5C/min
Humidity : 15%-95% RH
Magnetic Fields : max 1260 μT
(in conformance with EN 61000-4-8: level 3)