Pulse induction detection system UPEX 740 MF-3


3 sensitivity levels

10 sampling delay levels

Analogue output

Reduced in-motion noise

Visual / acoustic signal

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Search system MF-3 is based on the EBINGER pulse induction system UPEX 740 M, which can be described as an electromagnetic echo procedure. Via its search head, the PI detector emits magnetic pulses with a specifi c repetition frequency that induces eddy currents in search objects. An electromagnetic reaction is created, which is then picked up in the pulse pauses and electronically indicated on the display.

UPEX 740 MF-3 is equipped with an analogue output for data recording with the EBINGER EPAD data logger. This device records the values measured during the survey for later processing, analysis and conversion into digital anomaly maps. Optional geo-referencing allows for a longer time delay between detection work, interpretation and object recovery. In conventional analogue detection, the object had to be excavated directly after surveying in order to minimise the loss of coordinates.

UPEX 740 MF-3 thus offers visual / acoustic search as a purely digital recording or a combination of the two.

Components of UPEX 740 MF-3:

1 Search head 1 x 1 m (1 m2)
2 Electronics unit including mounting equipment
3 Frame with wheel set
4 Rechargeable battery pack including charger

Special Accessories:

5 EPAD– PDA including Bluetooth unit (data logger), transport case, charging technology and mount
6 EPAS – software for data analysis/ mapping
7 GPS – system 8 GPS – antenna rod and catch strap


Power Supply : detachable Li-Ion battery pack: 11.1 V, 4.4 Ah

Operating Time: Li-Ion battery pack approx.12h

Temperature Range: - 20 °C to + 55 °

Dimensions :
Search head frame approx. 1 m2
Wheel diameter approx. 600 mm
Special wheels upon request
Electronics box 305 x 145 x 150 mm

Weight :
Electronics box 1400 g without battery
Li-Ion battery 380 g
PDA 600 g
PDA mount 466 g
1 m2 search head 1500 g
Detection frame assembled 11,40 kg
Complete system with PDA and 1 m2 search head 15,75 kg