Metal detector TREX 210 GM


Handy and sturdy design

High detection sensitivity

High electrical stability

Effective ground compensation (GEB)

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The TREX® 210 MG is a new detector with lightweight and ergonomic design of compact shape and very low power consumption for humanitarian Mine Action carried out by indigenous deminers in third world conditions. It combines the handiness and ease of operation of the thousand fold proven EB 420 with the latest technology of ground compensation.

The hand held, battery operated eddy current metal detector is intended to locate objects containing large or minimum amounts of ferrous or non-ferrous metal which are buried in the top layer of the ground. It can be tuned to disregard unwanted signals from so-called non-cooperative ground within wide limits. Target acquisition is indicated by an audio alarm, which changes in intensity depending on the size and distance of the detected object. Due to its electronic design the detector is particularly efficient on small metal objects or objects with low conductivity but therefore not suitable for operation in saltwater or on saltwater impregnated ground.

TREX® 210 MG is a useful tool to support search for minimum amounts of metal such as in archaeology, forensic police work or Mine Action due to its good detection range and resolution of metal objects buried close to each other. The TREX® 210 MG operates on a so-called ‘dynamic’ search mode that eases operations on noncooperative ground or in parallel to fences, pipes, rails etc. if the search head is carried at an even distance and in parallel alongside the obstacle.

The TREX® 210 MG applies a new active TR-eddy current technique with an effective ground compensation (GEB) which,  different to the PI technique, does not suffer from a detection range reduction on mineralised soils. Due to the high operation frequency, which is particularly sensitive to small metal objects the device is not suitable for use in saltwater or on saltwater impregnated ground. During the design attention was paid to a low power consumption which extends battery life. The detector operates with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack.

The device transmits an AC electromagnetic field by the oval search head inducing eddy currents into conductive objects. These counteract to the detector and are picked up by the search head.


Power supply : Li-Ion Battery Pack - 4400 mAh
Operation time (at 20°C) : approx. 85 h
Temperature range
Storage : -40° to + 70 °C
Operation : -15° to + 55 °C
Short : approx. 800 mm,
Extended : approx. 1430 mm
Oval search head : approx. 220 x 170 mm
Sensitivity calibration : 3 ranges (low, medium, high)
Weight : approx. 2300 g