• Underwater metal detectors

    Underwater metal detectors

  • Remote controlled exploders


    Remote Controlled


  • X-ray Systems

    Ultra-Portable X-ray


  • UXO detection

    UXO detection

  • Hardwired Exploder ATLAS-450

    Hard Wired Exploder

    Watertight IP67

    Solid state
    Conformity MIL-STD 810 G
    Conformity to ordinance of Dec 11th, 1992

  • Mine detectors

    Mine detectors

  • Remote controlled exploder

    Remote controlled


  • Mechanical mine clearance

    Mechanical Mine Clearance

  • Remote operated vehicles

    Remote controlled vehicles

  • IP673 mm Bottom BorderHigh Resolution and Sensitivity, 140 μm Pixel Size, 3.5 lp/mmGlass-Free33 x 33 cm

  • Very easy to usePowerful : 390 V - 14 JRugged aluminium enclosureWatertight IP67Solid stateEncrypted transmissionGalvanic isolationBattery life up to 6 days in sleep mode

  • Robust and handy Lightweight Simple to use Audio coding of field polarity Dynamic / static detection steps

  • The HFS Series3+ EOD/IEDD Suit is the next generation in bomb suit development. Essentially an upgrade on the HFS Series3, with the core focus on improving the critical systems whilst still using the original solid HFS Series 3 platform. We have also addressed the requirements in the NIJ 0117.01 Bomb Suit Standard including the Blast and Fragmentation...


Since 1995, CODETEL company supplies and manufactures many products dedicated to access control, mine and ammunition clearance, and render safe of improvised explosive devices (IED) : handscanners, walkthrough metal detector, inspection mirror, metal detector, anti-personal and anti-tank mine detector, bomb UXO shell detector, buried ammunition detector, underwater metal detector, magnetometer, amagnetic mine probe, demining vest, demining suit, helmet, visor, pneumatic shoes, traction and neutralization devices, electronic exploder, electronic stethoscope, x-ray generator, portable radioscopy system...

Since 2004, CODETEL designs and manufactures a broad range of electronic exploders, hard wired or remote controlled devices. Many devices are used every days, in many countries all over the world and bring satisfation to our customers.

To respond to the progress of the company, CODETEL moved in 2016 in larger and more functional premises. An increased storage area allows us to easily handle large volumes of materials. We can also easily accommodate our customers for training, demonstrations ...

CODETEL's customer base consists mainly of organisations specialized in mine and ammunition clearance, or IED handling. These organisations are civilian (companies, NGOs, MINISTRY OF INTERIOR) and also military, such as French MINISTRY OF DEFENSE, and also many Ministry of Defense of other countries.



We were exhibitor at MILIPOL exhibition, Nov 14th to 17th, 2023.

Thank you for visiting us on our booth.