• Underwater metal detectors

    Underwater metal detectors

  • Remote controlled exploders


    Remote Controlled


  • UXO detection

    UXO detection

  • Mine detectors

    Mine detectors

  • Remote controlled exploder

    Remote controlled


  • Mechanical mine clearance

    Mechanical Mine Clearance

  • Exploders

    Hard wired


  • Remote operated vehicles

    Remote controlled vehicles

  • NEOS III is our latest small format DR imaging system specifically designed to withstand the rigors of harsh environments. The imager housing is cast Mg and includes shielding to allow use with higher X-ray energies. The system also offers the advantages of built in wireless communications and a removable battery for situations where ultra-portability and...

  • EBINGER search devices are used worldwide to reduce the potential hazard from unexploded ordnance remnant of the world wars. UWEX®725 D is the latest design for underwater use, it relieves the scuba diver from equipment operation improving the efficiency of his work.

  • More powerful, with more performing tracks, the DIGGER D-250 is based on the experience gained over three generations of previous machines. It is the result of ten years of field feedbacks integration giving high efficiency even under extreme environmental conditions. Relatively small in size in regards of its high power, it fits in a 20 feet ISO shipping...

  • NEW : available Q1 2018 Very easy to usePowerful : 440 V - 22 JRugged aluminium enclosureWatertight IP67Solid stateGalvanic isolation


Since 1995, CODETEL company supplies and manufactures many products dedicated to access control, mine and ammunition clearance, and render safe of improvised explosive devices (IED) : handscanners, walkthrough metal detector, inspection mirror, metal detector, anti-personal and anti-tank mine detector, bomb UXO shell detector, buried ammunition detector, underwater metal detector, magnetometer, amagnetic mine probe, demining vest, demining suit, helmet, visor, pneumatic shoes, traction and neutralization devices, electronic exploder, electronic stethoscope, x-ray generator, portable radioscopy system...

Since 2004, CODETEL designs and manufactures a broad range of electronic exploders, hard wired or remote controlled devices. Many devices are used every days, in many countries all over the world and bring satisfation to our customers.

CODETEL's customer base consists mainly of organisations specialized in mine and ammunition clearance, or IED handling. These organisations are civilian (companies, NGOs, MINISTRY OF INTERIOR) and also military, such as French MINISTRY OF DEFENSE, and also many Ministry of Defense of other countries.


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