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  • UPEX® 725 D is the latest EBINGER design for UXO detection under difficult conditions such as ground mineralization and scrap. In addition to the simplicity in operation the UPEX® 725 D has the advantage that it can be programmed to fade out interfering signals from non-cooperative soil, magnetic rocks and small pieces of scrap metal.

  • ATLAS-150 RC is a radio-controlled electronic exploder, designed for remote firing of electric detonators. It is a compact equipment, especially designed for explosive method of entry and other missions requiring low firing line lengths. It consists of a control unit and 5 receiver units (paired at the factory), packaged in a foamed carrying case.

  • The ATLAS 400 (Certification INERIS EMF05MA4001) is an electronic capacitor exploder, compact and sturdy, designed for firing electric detonators. It is fitted with two fire outputs and features a builtin line continuity test. The exploder ATLAS 400 is powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery which offers a capacity of approximately 400 firings.

  • More powerful, with more performing tracks, the DIGGER D-250 is based on the experience gained over three generations of previous machines. It is the result of ten years of field feedbacks integration giving high efficiency even under extreme environmental conditions. Relatively small in size in regards of its high power, it fits in a 20 feet ISO shipping...

  • A parcel can be abandoned by terrorists on public place, it could explode at any time. Its manipulation is very dangerous. Vision-X allows to scrutinize through X-ray technology content of suspected parcel without any additional handling. In less than 1 minute, the Vision-X is ready to work, by pressing only 1 button, the content of the suspected parcel...

  • The EBEX 422 GC can be used on non cooperative ground where other technology may fail. The index GC stands for “Ground Compensation” which refers to the rejection of interference from volcanic soil or laterit. This equipment is therefore suitable for use throughout the world.

  • The Cyclops MK 4D is the latest development in the Cyclops series, it has been developed from the well–proven variants in service with military and law enforcement organisations worldwide. Cyclops has a proven capability to : open doors, move furniture, search overhead lockers, search underneath vehicles seats, search vehicle boots / trunks / engine...

  • The UWEX 725 K is a high sensitivity eddy current metal detector for underwater and normal land use. The detector transmits an electromagnetic field of low intensity and bipolar character improving safety against magnetic influence fuses. It can be operated in a "silent mode", without headset, indicating target acquisition by a LED, in order to avoid the...


Since 1995, CODETEL company supplies and manufactures many products dedicated to access control, mine and ammunition clearance, and render safe of improvised explosive devices (IED) : handscanners, walkthrough metal detector, inspection mirror, metal detector, anti-personal and anti-tank mine detector, bomb UXO shell detector, buried ammunition detector, underwater metal detector, magnetometer, amagnetic mine probe, demining vest, demining suit, helmet, visor, pneumatic shoes, traction and neutralization devices, electronic exploder, electronic stethoscope, x-ray generator, portable radioscopy system...

Since 2004, CODETEL designs and manufactures a broad range of electronic exploders, hard wired or remote controlled devices. Many devices are used every days, in many countries all over the world and bring satisfation to our customers.

CODETEL's customer base consists mainly of organisations specialized in mine and ammunition clearance, or IED handling. These organisations are civilian (companies, NGOs, MINISTRY OF INTERIOR) and also military, such as French MINISTRY OF DEFENSE, and also many Ministry of Defense of other countries.



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