Rocket Wrench


The ABP Rocket Wrench allows the user to render safe unexploded munitions which incorporate a ‘screw-in’ fuze assembly attached by either a left or right hand thread.

0.5” cartridges

Weight: 5.4kg
Length: 260mm
Width: 220mm
Height: 40mm

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The Rocket Wrench is firmly attached to the fuze by means of Jaw Clamps and is set to rotation by means of two eccentrically mounted, electrically initiated 0.5” cartridges and as such is operated remotely, keeping the operator at a safe distance.

The Rocket Wrench is designed to be used by Military, Police and other security forces for rendering safe conventional unexploded bombs etc, or Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) housed in containers such as fire extinguishers or household gas canisters where the fuze is of a screw-in type.

Bungee Shock Cord, 2 Hooks 3389-013
Brush with Handle, Short 3389-017
Ground Spike 3389-019
Jaw Grip (2) 3431-002
Rocket Wrench Assembly 3431-010
Tommy Bar, 6D 160L 3431-041
Casing, Rocket Wrench 3431-103
Contents Card, Rocket Wrench 3431-105
Handbook, Rocket Wrench 3431-106
Brush Ø18 x 120LG 3495-0012
Lubricant, Spray Bottle, 100ml 3495-0151
Spring Pin, SS 302, 2.5x24 (4) DOSP-0041
Allen Key, Short Arm, Hex, 8.0mm AF TOOL-0004
Spanner, Single End, 15mm TOOL-0005
Spanner, Single End, 36mm TOOL-0006

The Rocket Wrench is operated by a bespoke cartridge. Each batch of cartridges are ballistically tested to ensure correct and consistent performance. The cartridges are supplied in multiples of 50 packaged within an M2A1 container.


Weight: 5.4kg
Length: 260mm
Width: 220mm (clamps together) 280mm (clamps apart)
Height: 40mm

Weight: 11kg
Length: 495mm
Width: 395mm
Height: 195mm