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  • ATLAS-150 RC is a radio-controlled electronic exploder, designed for remote firing of electric detonators. It is a compact equipment, especially designed for explosive method of entry and other missions requiring low firing line lengths. It consists of a control unit and 5 receiver units (paired at the factory), packaged in a foamed carrying case.

  • Zeus has been designed for the EOD and SWAT community to deal with a range of scenarios from simple reconnaissance to full scale EOD render safe procedures. The highly modular design allows the ROV to be configured from a lightweight simple ROV to a fully capable EOD ROV. The modular design also allows operators to repair ‘in field’.

  • The Cyclops MK 4D is the latest development in the Cyclops series, it has been developed from the well–proven variants in service with military and law enforcement organisations worldwide. Cyclops has a proven capability to : open doors, move furniture, search overhead lockers, search underneath vehicles seats, search vehicle boots / trunks / engine...

  • It’s unique combination of size, payload capacity, reach, dexterity, manoeuvrability, operability and ability to negotiate a wide variety of urban and rural terrain combined with its “future proof” modular / open architecture construction, eclipse the capabilities of current competitors. The GUARDIAN’S hybrid extending / folding arm has been designed to...

  • The Sentinel is an advanced, reliable and robust explosive ordnance disposal robot with applications extending to CBRN. It has electronically driven actuators controlling the 6 degrees of freedom arm. The manipulator arm has a lifting capacity of 75 kg retracted and 30 kg extended. It has six independent wheel motors which allow for travel over the most...

  • Very easy to usePowerful : 390 V - 14 JRugged aluminium enclosureWatertight IP67Solid stateEncrypted transmissionGalvanic isolationBattery life up to 6 days in sleep mode

  • ATLAS 400 RC is an electronic remote controlled exploder, designed for firing electric detonators. It consists of one control unit and 1 to 3 receiver units. The control unit allows the remote control of the receiver units by the mean of a secured communication protocol.

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items